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What is a Fun Character?
Many children and some adults are scared of clowns, so we came up with the fun character. We are dressed in bright colored pants or shorts, a bright colored t-shirt and a bright colored top hat when we come out. It is clown like with all the colors, but without the make-up and hair of a traditional clown.
Do you charge for mileage?
Yes. We are located near Willow Lawn Mall in the Near West End and we calculate mileage from our office. We give you the first 10 miles for free after that it is .40 per mile round trip plus any tolls. We calculate the mileage before we call to confirm with you and can tell you then exactly what the total cost is for the party.
What is the crown craft for a girls party?
The crown craft is for younger children and is good for either girls or boys. Each child gets a pre-cut paper crown. They look through a tub of stickers and decorate their crown. We tie ribbons on each end so the children can wear them right away. It is a wonderful craft that even very young children can do mostly on their own.
What is the foam bracelet for a girls party?
This is also good for younger children. Each child picks out a foam bracelet. They decorate it will foam stickers. We tie a ribbon on so the children can wear them.
What is the bead bracelet for a girls party?
This is good for children that are 4 and up. Each child gets a pipecleaner. (I have found that even younger children can put beads on a pipecleaner and it keeps them from having to lick a piece of string then put their hands back in the beads) They look through my tub of beads and design their bracelet. We help the children tie the pipecleaners so the children can wear them.
Where can we see you?
You can check out our facebook page for updated information about community events we are out weekly.
One of our fun characters is at Buffalo Wild Wings located at 7810 Broad Street from 6 to 8 pm every Wednesday night and at the Buffalo Wild Wings at Westchest Commons every Monday night from 6 to 8 pm. Come out to see us, your children can get their faces painted and get a balloon animal and have a great meal with special priced meals for the kids. See you there!
How good are your face painters?
We only hire artistic people to do face painting. They have books of designs to make it easier for the kids to decide what they want painted and gives us pictures to reference to make sure our painting is wonderful!
What kind of balloons do you make?
We stick to simpler balloons so we can make them quickly. Everyone can make puppies, kitties, bunnies, giraffes, ladybug bracelets, turtle bracelets, flowers, swirly hats, turtle braclets, parrots, teddy bears, butterflies, swords and more!

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