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One of our characters will do glitter tattoos for the children at your party. Each child gets 1 glitter design of their choosing. They pick the colors of glitter and we put it on them. These tattoos can last for weeks!
There are many different designs to choose- from fairies to mermaids to dragons to sharks. There is something everyone will love!
Then the character will make a balloon animal for each child. 
For up to 15 kids, you will need an hour for $105 plus mileage.  
For up to 23 kids, you will need an hour and a half for $155 plus mileage.
For up to 30 kids, you will need 2 hours for $205 plus mileage.  
We will need a table and a chair to set up. We want to keep from being messy so giving us a good space to set up will help with that.



We even have black ink to make the tattoos look real!




We can even make customized tattoos for your special event.



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